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Powerful Web Surveys Come to UO


Connecting the dots. That’s the job of University of Oregon Director of Academic Technology Helen Chu. “The University,” says Chu, “is by design a place where you have specialists and experts. You can’t expect these specialists to know what is going on in another department at the university.” This is where Chu comes in. In 2010 Chu heard that groups of UO faculty were using an online survey service called Qualtrics. Each group of users had its own unique license, something that was not cost effective. For a little extra, Chu discovered, the UO could acquire a license for the entire university. At the same time, the UO’s Office for Protection of Human Subjects asked Chu to join a sub-committee that was developing guidelines for researchers using the Internet. That’s when Chu decided to connect the dots. She and a campus-wide team of stakeholders compared Qualtrics against competing survey services and software. They determined Qualtrics far outperformed its competition in price and features. After gaining approval from the Office for Protection of Human Subjects to use the service for research involving human subjects, Chu gathered the university’s Qualtrics users together to pitch in for a single university-wide license, making Qualtrics available to anyone with a Duck ID. Read more at IT connections.