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List of All Drupal 6.x Modules We Use

Here is the list of all Drupal 6.x modules we use for our Drupal 6.x sites:

  • CCK: Content construction kit provides an interface to create custom data types. For example we use CCK to create an computer data type which we then use to store all our computer information. We also use CCK to make online forms for different needs.
  • Filefield: Used in CCK to create file upload fields.
  • Imagefield: Used in CCK to create image upload fields.
  • Private Number: Used in CCK to create a text fields that is encrypted.
  • Node clone: Used to clone any saved nodes.
  • Automatic Nodetitles: Used to auto generate node titles.
  • Corresponding Node References: Content types that have doubly-linked node references will be automatically linked when using this module.
  • Node comments: Used to replace Drupal comment with a comment content type that can have CCK fields.
  • Conditional Fields: Used to make CCK fields dependent on another field selection. Useful for online forms to show different form elements based on a previous selection.
  • Date: Used in CCK to create date fields.
  • JQuery UI: Provides useful JQuery functions like date picker.
  • Rules: Provides ways to automate many functions like sending email, updating content and so on. We use it to automate workflow with our online forms.
  • Token: Creates variables for content type data and user data so that they can be referenced in other parts of the sites. For example used in rules to grab the form data that will be emailed to a user.
  • Diff: Provides a diff view of node revisions.
  • Views: Views provides an interface to generate lists of nodes with different fields showing and filters to create specific lists. We use it to show reports on data collected from forms.
  • Views Bonus: An addition to views that allows users to export the view data to a file. We use it provide CSV exports for all our reports.
  • Views Custom Field: Allows views to have inline PHP code to customize the reports.
  • Calendar: Provides a calendar view for any content type. You can make multiple calendars with different date fields from content types. We use it for different scheduling sites.
  • FeedAPI: Used to parse feeds and automatically create nodes from feeds.
  • Feed Element Mapper: Map feed elements to content type fields.
  • iCal parser: Used to parse iCal feeds. We use it to automatically aggregate multiple calendar fields on one site.
  • Print: Provides a printer friendly view of any page on the site.
  • Simple Access: Provides a way to make individual nodes private and/or editable by certain groups.
  • User Import: Provides a way to import a list of users and assign them to roles in batch.
  • Shibboleth Authentication: Module for single sign-on system that uses shibboleth (Using version 3.x as it is stable while 4.x is in dev mode).
  • CKEditor: Provides the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor for Drupal.
  • Captcha: Provides a captcha for your Drupal forms. We use it to stop spam input for our online forms.
  • Advanced Help: Provides other modules with more help features like pop-ups for different fields.

These modules have provided great solutions to most of the problems we have come across in our projects. I recommend trying CCK and views as they are very powerful modules.

Author: Daniel Mundra, CASIT Programmer