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2011 May

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May 23, 2011

Livescribe Connect Shares Smartpen Notes to Facebook, E-Mail

Livescribe smartpens aren’t just pens.
They’re “multimodal computers,” according to CEO Jim Marggraff. And with the launch of Livescribe’s Connect service, his multimodal computers get an array of useful new ways to send and share notes and information.

May 22, 2011

CASIT Programmer: Drupal

When I first started working as a Programmer for CASIT, I saw a small glimpse of Drupal being used for one our projects. As I started to use it I got more and more enlightened on how powerful Drupal is. Drupal is a content management system like wordpress but with the amount of modules Drupal has, you can make may sites that help you manage all sorts of data. In the last 8 months I have created 8 Drupal sites that have met various client’s needs. (more…)

Lady Gaga uses Chrome, and here’s the 91-second film to prove it

One of the world’s most (in)famous names has picked a side in the browser battles — last night saw the debut of a new Google Chrome commercial, starring Lady Gaga and her «little monsters.» (more…)

IKEA hackers

A nice website with ideas about using IKEA products. Have fun!

And a chair becomes.... a sledge

May 17, 2011

New CASIT website launched

CASIT is proud to present its new and improved website.


May 16, 2011

IBM Grants Fund Smarter Planet Curriculum Development

Fifty faculty members from 40 institutions in 14 countries have each received $10,000 grants fromIBM for the work they’re doing in developing innovative courseware and curriculum in healthcare, transportation, and city planning. (more…)

500GB Seagate Hard Drive Streams to 3 iPads

Seagate has a new wireless external hard drive that lets you access movies and music on your iPad without worrying about the tablet’s puny onboard storage.

Bamboo Stylus for iPad


olloclip: iPhone 4 quick change camera lens system


Adobe updates Flash Player 10.3 privacy features


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