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2011 May

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May 26, 2011

UO Blackboard: Email notifications temporarily disabled

A software bug this weekend triggered spurious email notifications of old course announcements. While we are debugging the problem we have temporarily disabled all announcement email.
UO Blackboard

Duck Hunting on the Internet


Firefox 5 Beta

Mozilla recently release Firefox 5 beta. It is recommended for advanced users who want to test the browser and are good at dealing with bugs and reporting them.

Main features: (more…)

History: Jobs Fails to Oust Sculley

Sculley asked Jobs about the rumor. Jobs responded with the following: «I think you’re bad for Apple and I think you’re the wrong person to run this company»


Newest MacDefender scareware installs without a password

The newest Mac scareware doesn't need to ask victims for their admin password. (Image: Intego.)


May 25, 2011

ICQ for Mac

New version ICQ for Mac released (8 years after the last update).
Download here

May 24, 2011

Finding Family History Online

As always, interesting reading by the New York TImes:

For those on a genealogy quest, large or small, these are exciting times.

Amateur family sleuths are taking advantage of the vast and growing trove of digitized records on sites like, and (more…)

May 23, 2011

Microsoft Offering Students Free Xbox 360s with Computer Purchase

If you’re a student (or at least know one with a .EDU address you can borrow) and you’re in the market for a Windows 7 PC you can score a free Xbox in the process.

Google’s WebP Image Format Takes On JPEGs With Sharper Pictures

Google is on a mission to make the Web faster. One thing that slows down pageload times are fat image files. Even JPEG and PNG files can get pretty big. So Google is developing a new image format called WebP (which is a sister format to its WebM project for videos).

The key to making image files on the Web smaller without losing sharpness is better compression of the original file. (more…)

Free Webinar: How to Revolutionize Campus Security with Mobile Apps

Campus safety is a top priority for today’s colleges and universities. A 2008 College Board student POLL revealed that students and parents rank campus safety just behind academic quality when choosing a school. Colleges and universities are looking for ways to boost safety on their campuses and provide their students, parents, faculty, and staff with peace of mind. (more…)

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