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Use to record radio music & shows to cloud

Michael Robertson, who years ago founded MP3. com startup, has rolled out a new service called Dar. fm, which allows users to record radio music and shows to the cloud.

With Dar. fm, users can record music as well as talk shows from numerous radio stations online and can then play back the recorded music or shows in any sequence. They can also pause, skip and rewind songs.

The new online storage service, which allows users to store up to 2GB of audio free of cost, makes use of MP3tunes, which was also created by Michael Robertson.

The service can work smartphones like iPhone, Palm, Android and Windows Phone. It will also be available on home digital-audio systems such as the Logitech Squeezebox.

Praising his new service, Robertson said, “Radio is dying because it’s inconvenient and limiting. The content is not interactive, and it’s available on only a limited number of devices.”

Robertson, who already has a taste of batting music industry in the court, said that the new service is legal. However, he admitted that he didn’t know how music industry would react to his new service.

Originally published by Top News New Zeland. Read the original story here.