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2010 September

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September 30, 2010

Microsoft Windows Live Essentials 2011 Is Released

Microsoft has made Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download. While available to Windows 7 and Vista users, however, Windows XP users will have to upgrade or do without.

Microsoft made its new Windows Live Essentials 2011 available for download Sept. 30. (more…)

DoD Seeks Applicants for STEM Scholarships

Three hundred students interested in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM field) have the chance to get a nearly full ride for their undergraduate or graduate education through a program sponsored by the United States Department of Defense. During school recipients will also have the opportunity to participate in summertime DoD internships, and, after graduation, they’ll be offered employment by the DoD to work in one of the agency’s research facilities. (more…)

EDUCAUSE: New Cyber Threats Put Higher Education in the Crosshairs

Tune In October 1
Cyber criminals and nation states have changed the game in computer attacks. Because of three special characteristics of colleges, they become a favorite target. In this fast-paced briefing you’ll learn exactly how some of the most dangerous attacks work and why colleges are in the attackers’ crosshairs. (more…)

FREE ONINE: Network Automation in Higher Education

Date: 10/05/10 Time: 11:00 AM PT Duration: 1 hour
Here is the reality: Your organization is adding more endpoints and experiencing higher rates of change.
Your challenge: ensure continuous network uptime and control—without additional IT resources or budget. But how?
The answer: network automation. (more…) Is A Go. The «Stablest, Most Secure, And Fastest URL Shortener On The Web

Google’s URL shortener just opened up to the public, with a standalone site. Launched last December, Google’s competitor, can now be used for any links on the web. And Google promises that the shortener is the “stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.”

September 28, 2010

Office for Mac 2011 Available October 26

We are excited to announce that starting on October 26 you can get your own copy of Office for Mac 2011! And starting today preorders can be placed at (more…)

Why You Should Use Ad Block Extensions, Even if You Don’t Block Ads

Whether you block internet ads or not, ad-blocking extensions are pretty handy. Not only can you use them to block offensive material, rickrolls, and other unpleasant things, but reader Dave-Farquhar lets us know that they can also block malicious software. (more…)

September 27, 2010

UO: Safari problems with Blackboard

All Safari users: please switch to Firefox.
The current versions of Safari are not fully compatible with Blackboard. Apple made some changes in the way that Safari works that cause problems when using Blackboard. We will continue to work with Blackboard Inc. on finding a solution to these problems. At the latest they should be fixed with the version that we are planning on installing in late December. Until then we recommend that you not use Safari and instead use Firefox when using Blackboard.
Source: UO Libraries

MIT: First improvement of fundamental algorithm in 10 years

The max-flow problem, which is ubiquitous in network analysis, scheduling, and logistics, can now be solved more efficiently than ever.

MIT researchers, together with colleagues at Yale and the University of Southern California, have demonstrated the first improvement of the max-flow algorithm in 10 years.

University of Leeds loans iPhones to student doctors

Apple devices replace textbooks and notepads

The University of Leeds is issuing Apple iPhones to medical students for access to online educational materials that replace ‘unhygienic’ reference manuals and record books.

The 16GB iPhone 3GS smartphones will be loaned to 520 medical students in their fourth and fifth years of study, until they graduate. These students spend most of their time working in local NHS hospitals, GP surgeries and community health clinics, so they will be able to use the iPhones to access their textbooks and assessment modules while out on placements, and also keep in touch with their tutors.

The University of Leeds has been working with online learning solution provider MyKnowledgeMap and digital medical reference provider MedHand to preload the iPhones with a range of relevant apps. (more…)

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