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UO Blackboard: Instructors using Safari — «Access Denied»

If you teach using Blackboard, and are a Mac user who favors the Safari web browser, there is a very annoying bug that you need to know about. The bug was introduced when Apple upgraded to Safari 5.

As you try to add content (items with files attached) to your blackboard site, you may get an “Access Denied” message such as the following:

You do not need to log out. There are several workarounds you can use instead:

One option is to switch from Safari to Firefox.
A second option is to click “cancel” then on the Safari menu choose “Empty cache…”. You’ll need to empty your browser cache before each succeeding file upload.
A third option is to change the way you attach files to content items (see below)
The error only occurs if you repeatedly attach items using the “Attach local file: choose file” button that appears below the text of the item you are attaching. Instead of using this button, use the “Attach File” button that appears in the visual text box editor toolbar:

We expect the bug to be fixed in the Blackboard upgrade currently scheduled for winter break, but in the meantime use one of the above workarounds.
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