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Intel aims Atom chips at storage market

OFFICE AND HOME STORAGE just got slightly more interesting with the addition of two more versions of Intel’s Atom processors.
Intel’s single-core 425 and dual-core 525 chips “offer improved performance and better connectivity” for backup platforms such as Windows Home Server and Linux, Chipzilla said. The chips also offer support for DDR3 SODIMM memory modules, and the 82801 I/O module.
Intel explained that the chips build on a network-attached storage platform launched in March with the release of the D410 and D510 processor models.
“The versatile Atom processor is at the heart of a growing variety of small, innovative, internet-connected devices,” said Dinesh Rao, storage group product line manager at Intel.
“This makes it possible for storage vendors to develop low-power appliances that can innocuously sit on a desk or shelf while keeping digital content safe and available anytime, anywhere.”

Originally published by the Inquirer. Read the original story here