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2010 August

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August 31, 2010

FREE Online: 5 Steps Towards Building Open and Secure Wireless LANs

Date: September, 23, 11 AM
Learn the five key considerations for delivering an “open but secure” 802.11n wireless LAN and how other Higher Ed IT professionals deliver access to faculty and students anytime, anywhere—all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. (more…)

August 30, 2010

Old Apple QuickTime code puts IE users in harm’s way

Apple’s failure to clean up old code in QuickTime leaves people running Internet Explorer vulnerable to drive-by attacks, a Spanish security researcher said today.

Ruben Santamarta, a researcher at Madrid-based Wintercore who revealed a bug in IE8 last month, today outlined the QuickTime plug-in vulnerability.

Hackers only need to dupe users into visiting a malicious site hosting exploit code, said Santamarta, who added that his attack code works when someone browses with IE on a machine running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 that has QuickTime 7.x or the older QuickTime 6.x installed. (more…)

Hardware Acceleration is Coming to Chrome — Try it Now

Google just confirmed that Chrome will soon support GPU hardware acceleration. Developers can speed up the rendering of complex pages by offloading a lot of the processing to a computer’s graphics card, which — after all — was specifically designed for these tasks. (more…)

Next Oxford English Dictionary may go all-digital

The publisher of the complete Oxford English Dictionary says the OED may be the next printed work to give up on paper and go completely digital.

The Oxford University Press said recently it may not have enough market demand to publish a hardcover version of the third edition of the multivolume OED, according to an Associated Press report. The Oxford University Press would instead focus on selling subscriptions to the OED’s online version.

August 27, 2010

UO: Intermittent power outages Aug 28&29

There will be some intermittent power outages on parts of the UO campus on Aug 28 from 12:01am until 10:30am and on Aug 29 from 12:01am until 9:00am.

YouTube to launch free movie service

YouTube is to launch a free movie service after striking deals with US studios including Sony Pictures and UK service Blinkbox.
YouTube, which already delivers TV through deals with Channel 4 and Channel 5, will initially make more than 400 titles available for free and on-demand. (more…)

August 26, 2010

University Develops Technique to Keep Computers Running in Overheated Data Center

To stay safe in hot conditions, experts recommend that workers move more slowly. The same advice fits data centers, apparently. To prevent outages and keep work moving, Purdue University has successfully tested out a technique for controlling operations of its computing clusters in overheating conditions by slowing down the performance of its nodes. (more…)

August 25, 2010

Apple delivers major Mac OS X bug fix

Update tackles 13 security bugs in Apple’s operating system

Apple has released a security update to its Mac OS X operating system, fixing a number of critical security issues in the software. (more…)

Google makes it official: Phone calls now in Gmail

To get started, users check the box next to Google Chat in their list of forwarding phones and the next time someone calls their Google Voice number, Gmail will notify them of an incoming call, Google says. (Credit: Google Voice Blog)

Gmail isn’t just about e-mail anymore: it’s also a phone.

Google launched the ability to make voice calls to any traditional phone number from a Gmail account Wednesday. It’s a blend of Gmail and Google Voice technology that allows users to dial numbers from their computers as well as receive incoming calls through one’s Google Voice number. (more…)

The best way to back up Microsoft Outlook

Email backup should be the simplest task in the backup calendar, but it rarely turns out to be so. Outlook – the market leader – is best used with a cloud of other Microsoft messaging system around it, but anyone who dares to use it on an isolated basis will have to watch out for themselves.

If your company has an Exchange server setup then the backups will do done for you on a periodic basis, usually a week, and all that is needed is a call to the sysadmin to get a restore. If you work for a small business, or are on your own, the world might be a lot more complicated.

This article assumes that email is not left on or used with an Exchange server, and that email backup from the client is a critical task. (more…)

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