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Caravaggio App for iPhone & iPad

Caravaggio was recently described by the New York Time as the best-loved Italian painter of all time. To mark the celebration of the 400th Anniversary of his death ScalaGroup International is pleased to present Caravaggiomania for iPhone and iPad.

The Italian version of this iPhone application has been for sale on the Italian App Store since the beginning of February when it was released in addition to the spectacular Caravaggio exhibit at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome and gained a tremendous success.

The app is indispensable in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the great master’s art, as well as to retrace his footsteps whilst walking around Rome. It is a useful tool for both art lovers and tourists about to visit the Italian capital!

The main and differentiating feature of Caravaggiomania is the great amount of video content focused on each individual masterpiece. We are able to guarantee the highest quality images and videos because Scala Group International is also a worldwide renowned archive of digital images (with circa 300,000 images from the world’s top museums, as well as being exclusive licensor of all images from MoMA-NY and other major museums).

These are the direct links to our app on the App Store:
iPhone version
iPad version

Hope you enjoy vewing these amazing works of art and zoming in to the incredible details!

Originally published by the Art Conversation. Read the original story here