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Opera 10.60 Final Version Released

Opera has released the final version of its 10.60 web browser for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Loaded with HTML5 web standard compatibility, Opera 10.60 promises better security and geo-location feature within the browser.
Claimed to be the fastest, Opera 10.60 also brings support for Google’s future web video format – WebM.

Its shiny and tweaked interface features Opera Presto 2.6 rendering engine that makes web pages load faster and brings supports for other web standards too. For better security, Opera has incorporated security enhancements provided by AVG antivirus vendors and the browser comes with AVG’s real-time Web treat feed built-in. This feed is collated from the data supplied anonymously by millions of free AVG antivirus users across the globe. So basically, if you visit a malicious code bearing website, you’ll get a Fraud warning.

The new 10.60 version is about 50 percent faster than the previous 10.54 web browser version as per the Peacekeeper test. Also, this 10.60 version is the latest stable built for the Linux platform. Last stable version was Opera 10.10.

With this new Opera 10.60, you can use web-apps such as word processors and spreadsheets even without the Internet – thanks to the new Appcache feature that stores necessary files locally. In terms of the search box, Microsoft’s Bing gets added to list of search service providers.

The long due geo-location feature finally arrives on this version of Opera. To enable that, you’ll have to visit and then accept the terms & conditions. Find yourself on the geo-location map provided on that page and start using other location-based web services as well as apps.

Download Opera 10.60 for Windows, Mac or Linux from here.

Originally published by the Tech Tree. Read the original story here