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Making online orders with a nod or a smile? Amazon seeks patent is famous for its 1-Click ordering system.
But what about 1-Nod ordering?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is seeking a patent on a system that would let people make purchases with a nod, a smile or even a raise of the eyebrow.
Called “Movement recognition as input mechanism,” it envisions a computing device that could interpret certain facial expressions and enhance or potentially replace “conventional input devices such as keypads and touch screen.”

Some excerpts from the patent application:
“For example, if the user wishes to purchase an item, the user can perform an action such as nodding his or her head up and down to indicate that the user would like to purchase the item.”

“If the user wishes to buy more than one item, the user can indicate a quantity to be purchased or otherwise consumed, such as by holding up a number of fingers to represent the desired quantity.”
“In other embodiments, a user can create a motion-based ‘password,’ such as a series of motions that must be performed by the user to confirm an action such as a purchase. For example, the user could set a password to three nods up and down, followed by a smile and two eyebrow raises, or any other appropriate combination of motions and/or actions that are associated with that user.”
The patent application was originally filed in Dec. 2008 and lists Bezos as the sole inventor. It was published May 20 of this year.
Amazon reportedly plans to debut a new Kindle in August, though without color or touch screen capability. Perhaps Bezos is jumping ahead to a motion-detection feature?

Originally published by TechFlash. Read the original story here