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UO: Current Google Chrome is INCOMPATIBLE with Blackboard

Looking at usage logs and trouble tickets for the Blackboard system we’ve been noticing an interesting but problematic trend — a rapid increase in the use on campus of Google Chrome. For example, looking at Blackboard usage stats for the first week of May we’re seeing:
Firefox 39%
Safari 36%
MSIE 16%
Chrome 9%

The reason this is problematic is that the current Chrome is INCOMPATIBLE with Blackboard. Please warn your users that if they want to use Blackboard, they MUST switch to one of our supported browsers: Firefox, Safari, or MSIE (preferably MSIE 8, but 7 mostly works).

The major current problem with Chrome is too-aggressive page cacheing. All browsers these days are trying to get better performance by making heavy use of a local page cache. Unfortunately, Chrome takes this to an extreme and (in the current version at least) ignores «no-cache» and similar HTTP directives. As a result, users logging in to Blackboard generally do not see a current view of their Blackboard site, or experience other problems, for example when trying to take an online test or as an instructor trying to add course materials.

In addition to this standards violation, there may be additional problems with the Chrome Javascript engine, which Google has been tweaking frequently. In general, we have to take the strong position that until further notice users must not try to use Chrome with Blackboard.

JQ Johnson
Director, Scholarly Communications & Instructional Support
University of Oregon Libraries

Note: Extension “IE Tab” for Chrome emulates Internet Explorer within Chrome.
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