Learning Reflections : MMC2

Arts Marketing, Media, & Communications

Winter 2014

  • I know have a greater understanding of several marketing strategies in order to effectively strengthen community arts organizations, communicate meaningful messages, and reach diverse audiences.

  • I have learned how to more effectively utilize multiple Social Media Marketing platforms, for the benefit of arts and culture organizations.

  • I have gained experience in using iMovie software to compile and edit audio and visual elements into a story.

  • I created a short video telling the story of how my ancestry and upbringing has influenced my ongoing case of wanderlust.

  • I have continued to utilize my WordPress to post assignments, however further engagement is needed to refine my ePortfolio into a robust, comprehensive platform to showcase my work and serve as a reference for future reflection and advancement.

  • I created a full, comprehensive marketing plan for the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

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