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Blackboard to Canvas Migration

  • Phone: (541) 346-1942
  • Location: Room 19 Knight Library (ground floor)
  • Hours (Monday-Friday):
    • Week of January 2nd – 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM – CLOSED on January 2nd
    • Week 1 & Week 2 of Winter Term – 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Schedule an office visit; we can come to you, you can visit us or we can provide a virtual appointment (online).

Course Merge Requests for Spring 2017

Information for Spring 2017 course merge requests is available on our new Ed Tech and Canvas Support Site.

The New Canvas User Interface

Canvas has a new look. It went live on Wednesday, June 15th. There is a new Dashboard layout and a couple items have been renamed.  Take a look!

Current Dashboard    



New Dashboard

Comparison of Old and New

The new  User Interface is much more streamlined and new names for tools makes it more intuitive. The most exciting and colorful part is the addition of Course Tiles.

Before: You would click on the Courses & Groups link to see a list of courses.oldnavigation Now: They are front and center on the Dashboard.


The color of the tiles can be changed and nicknames for courses can be used to replace long course names.  Also note the four icons on the green tile?  Those are notifications!

New announcements announcements, assignments assignments, discussions discussions , and course files files are now shown by course.

Canvas Tips and Tricks

Instructor Online Workshop

Are you new to Canvas?  Use this link to check out the Instructor Online Workshop.

Grading Tip – Setting Default Values:

This tip explains what to do with those ungraded assignments where a student has not submitted anything and they should receive a zero.  When you are done grading the assignment you can fill in 0’s for anyone that has not turned in that assignment. This document explains the process and reasoning behind it.

SpeedGrader Tips:

Make grading faster and easier with SpeedGrader. Click on your assignment and then click on SpeedGrader (right-hand side).  Now you can easily go student by student entering scores and comments or using a rubric. You can adjust the SpeedGrader settings (top right of screen) to make your work here even faster and easier.  You can set SpeedGrader to sort your student list alphabetically (default setting), by the date students submitted, or by submission status (needs grading, not submitted). So if you just want to check for any submission that needs grading you could set your SpeedGrader setting to submission status and find those that need grading much faster.


You can also sort the assignment by Section so if you have one section to grade you can sort by that section and only see the students in that section rather than everyone in all sections; again making if faster to find those assignments you need to grade. You can determine what section you are grading and limit it to one by clicking the down arrow in the student drop-down menu, hover your mouse over Showing All Sections and then sliding your mouse over to select the section you want to grade. The SpeedGrader page will refresh with only those student names and their papers making if faster and easier to grade.


Questions?  Contact Canvas Support.

Past Enrollments in Canvas: Limiting Student Access to Canvas Sites

This document addresses what happens in Canvas after a course finishes, what access students and instructors have by default, and how to choose a different level of access for your students before the term finishes. Student access privileges can only be modified by the instructor prior to the end of the term.


Quick Start Check list

Get started with Canvas in 7 easy steps! Follow these tip sheets and you’ll publish your course in no time!

Set up your course in Canvas. Log in at

More Tip Sheets, Training Videos and more

Faculty and GTF DIYers: See the Canvas Instructor Online Workshop course.

Tip Sheets & Online Help

**i>clicker News (01/17/2017)

With the new version of i>clicker, v7.10, Mac users running Sierra v10.12.2 might have issues with the program running properly.  Should you have an issue with your i>clicker software please contact the Educational Technology/Canvas Support Office – (541) 346-1942.

There is a new version of i>clicker available, v7.10. This version fixes the issue of having to complete a student poll before the roster will sync with names. The Windows and Mac versions are available for download below, along with instructions on how to upgrade your software.

Instructions for setting up and using i>Clicker:

Instructions for updating i>Clicker software:

Software Downloads (please unzip files after downloading)  See note above re. i>clicker updates.

  • iClicker_7.10_Windows (ZIP file – Contains all necessary software for PC – updated 01/06/2017)
  • iClicker_7.10_Mac (ZIP file – Contains all necessary software for Mac – updated 01/06/2017)

i>Clicker Mailing List

  • The i>Clicker mailing list is only used to distribute important updates about changes and issues regarding i>Clicker at UO.
  • To register for the i>Clicker mailing list, send an email (leaving the body of the message and the subject line blank) or by clicking here and completing the registration form.

Other Resources

Scantron Resources

 VeriCite Resources (Plagiarism detection software)

Streaming Video Resources

  • How to add a Kanopy video to Canvas: (PDF, version 2 – created 06/23/2016)
  • How to add a Docuseek2 video to Canvas:  (PDF, version 2 – created 06/23/2016)
  • How to add a PBS video to Canvas:  (PDF, version 1 – created 11/09/2016) 
  • How to add an Ethnographic video to Canvas:  (PDF, version 1 – created 11/09/2016)
  • How to add a Dance in Video video to Canvas:  (PDF, version 1 – created 11/09/2016)


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