Target Audience: Faculty / GTFs

Canvas offers a number of tools and features. To enable/disable or reorganize the tools, select your course, then click Settings in the left navigation.

  • Home              
    • For viewing recent announcements, discussion, and chat items.
  • Announcements            
    • For posting current, time-critical information
  • Assignments
    •  For posting, submitting and grading assignment(s) online
  • Discussions  
    • For posting and responding discussion topics
  • Grades            
    • For storing and computing assessment grades from Tests & Quizzes or that are manually entered
  • People            
    • For viewing the site participants list
  • Pages               
    • For posting documents, URLs to other websites, etc.
  • Files                  
    • For posting documents, creating folders, importing folders from .zip
  • Syllabus          
    • For posting a summary outline and/or requirements for a site
  • Outcomes     
    • Used to track a student’s mastery of a course
  • Quizzes           
    • For creating and taking online tests and quizzes
  • Modules        
    • For authoring, publishing, and organizing learning sequences.
  • Conferences    
    • Canvas Interface onto the BigBlueButton conferencing tool
  • Calendar        
    • For posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.

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