We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the faculty, staff and students whose hard work and tireless effort make this migration possible:

Project Manager

  • Nina Fox, LMS /Instructional Technology Manager
    UO Libraries, CMET

Project Director

  • Helen Chu, Director, Academic Technology
    UO Libraries, CMET

Canvas Administration

  • Tim Boshart, UO Libraries CMET
  • Tyler Brandt, UO Libraries CMET

Canvas Migration Specialists

  • Tiffany Beattie, UO Libraries CMET, College of Education
  • Seth Bohne, UO Libraries CMET, Lundquist College of Business
  • Paul Meng, UO Libraries CMET, College of Education
  • Sanna Parrika, UO Libraries CMET, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Tiffany VanPelt, UO Libraries CMET, College of Arts and Sciences

CMET Consulting / Faculty and GTF Support

  • Stephanie Dupray
  • Lauren Fukuhara
  • Frank Leng
  • Samier Waqar

Canvas Migration Advisory Committee

  • Sara Brownmiller
  • Edward Davis
  • Sue Eveland
  • Michael Hennessy
  • Chuck Kalnbach
  • Tim Ketchum
  • Ian McNeely
  • Bree Nicolello
  • Amy Nuetzman
  • Michael Price
  • David Wilkins
  • Eric Willis
  • Nina Fox (Ex-officio)
  • Helen Chu (Ex-officio)
  • Tyler Brandt (Ex-officio)
  • Jason Stone (Ex-officio)

Canvas Migration Tier 1: Campus Support Partners (CMT1)

  • Shandon Bates, Lundquist College of Business
  • Dennis Bishop, School of Law
  • Deborah Cooke, Academic Extension
  • Janet Cormack, Academic Extension
  • Guy Eckelberger, School of Music and Dance
  • Garron Hale, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Ginamarie Jones, School of Law
  • Marc Levy, School of Music and Dance
  • Ken Loge, College of Education
  • Skip McFarlane, Academic Extension
  • Michael Moresi, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Mary Popish, School of Journalism and Communication
  • Matt Schmidt, School of Journalism and Communication
  • Sean Sharp, Architecture & Allied Arts
  • Gary Sullivan, Architecture & Allied Arts
  • Jeffrey A. Woodbury, College of Education

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the faculty, staff and students whose hard work and thoughtful feedback on this very extensive review made this important decision possible:

LMS Selection/RFP – Task Force Members: 

  • Juliet Baxter (COE)
  • Louise Bishop (CHC)
  • Jim Blick (Registrar’s Office)
  • Andrew Bonamici  (UO Libraries, Administrative Sponsor)
  • Greg Bothun (CAS, Physics)
  • Ron Bramhall (LCB)
  • Deb Carver (UO Libraries, Chair / Convener)
  • Helen Chu (UO Libraries, Chair)
  • Kassia Dellabough (Academic Extension) * for Sandra Gladney
  • Kenneth Doxsee (Academic Affairs)
  • Lisa Freinkel (Undergraduate Studies)
  • Sandra Gladney (Academic Extension)
  • John Hardwick (CAS, Chemistry)
  • Kirstin Hierholzer (UO Libraries, User Experience and Assessment)
  • Noreen Hogan (Identity Management, Information Services)
  • Samantha Hopkins (CAS, Geology & Honors College)
  • Abigail Owen (Honors College)
  • Rachel Drummond Sardell (AEI)
  • Nancy Slight-Gibney (UO Libraries, Budget and Assessment)
  • Gretchen Soderlund (SOJC)
  • Ying Tan (AAA)
  • Eric Wiltshire (SOMD)
  • Melissa Woo (Information Services)

LMS Spring 2014 Pilot Testers

The Faculty, 38 GTFs and nearly 2,000 students tested Canvas and another platform in live, credit-bearing courses during Spring term 2014.

  • Mark Blaine, Journalism & Communications
  • Greg Bothun, Physics & Robert Donald Clark Honors College
  • Edward Davis, Geological Sciences
  • Rachel Drummond Sardell, American English Institute
  • Keith Eddins, Law
  • John Fenn, Arts and Administration
  • Beth Harn, Special Education and Clinical Sciences
  • Michael Hennessy, Computer and Information Sciences
  • Samantha Hopkins, Robert Donald Clark Honors College
  • Cristin Hulslander, Biology
  • Chuck Kalnbach, Management
  • Andrew Karduna, Human Physiology
  • Colin Koopman, Philosophy
  • Alison Kwok, Architecture
  • Kelli Matthews, Journalism and Communication
  • Dan Morrison, Journalism
  • Abigail Owen, Robert Donald Clark Honors College
  • Timothy Pack , Music
  • John Park, Art
  • Raghuveer Parthasarathy, Physics
  • Joan Rocklin, Law
  • Jon Runyeon, Human Physiology
  • Fang Yin, Decision Sciences

The 38 graduate teaching fellows and nearly 2,000 students of

  • AAD 301: Understanding Arts Administration, John Fenn
  • ARTD 252: Interactive Digital Arts, John Park
  • AEIS 102: Adv Oral Academic Communication, Rachel Drummond Sardell
  • ARCH 407: Case Studies in Sustainable Design, Alison Kwok
  • BI 213: General Biology III, Cristin Hulslander
  • CIT 281: Adv. Business Systems, Michael Hennessy
  • CRES 399: Diplomat Role, Keith Eddins
  • DSC 355H: Operations Management, Fang Yin
  • EC 202: Introduction to Economic Analysis, Michael Urbancic
  • HC 233H: Honors College History, Abigail Owen
  • HC434H: Cultural Disasters, Greg Bothun
  • HPHY 212: Evidence, Inference & Biostats, Andrew Karduna
  • HPHY 433: Neurophysiology of Concussions, Jon Runyeon
  • GEOL 103: Evolving Earth, Edward Davis
  • GEOL 431: Paleontology, Samantha Hopkins
  • J207: Gateway to Media III, Mark Blaine
  • J207: Gateway to Media III, Dan Morrison
  • J 453: Strategic Planning & Cases, Kelli Matthews
  • LAW 610: Adv. Legal Writing, Joan Rocklin
  • MGMT 410: Org. Development & Change Mgmt, Chuck Kalnbach
  • MUS 133: Music Theory III, Timothy Pack
  • PHIL 420: Pragmatism & Metaphysics, Colin Koopman
  • PHYS 171: The Physics of Life, Raghuveer Parthasarathy
  • SPED 431/531: Intro. To Learning Disabilities, Beth Harn

The dedicated technical staff who supported the faculty, GTFs and students of the spring pilot courses:

  • Timothy Boshart, UO Libraries
  • Tyler Brandt, UO Libraries
  • Helen Chu, UO Libraries
  • Nargas Oskui-Tabrizi, UO Libraries
  • Sean Sharp, AAA IT
  • Douglas Simpson, UO Libraries
  • Robert Voelker-Morris, Teaching Effectiveness Program
  • And the student staff at CMET Consulting, UO Libraries

LMS Winter 2014 Testers

The 34 faculty who extensively tested five LMS platforms during Winter term 2014.

  • Jagdeep Bala, Psychology
  • Kathie Carpenter, International Studies
  • David Chamberlain, Classics
  • Colleen Chrisinger, PPPM
  • John Conery, CIS
  • Katherine Cook, English
  • David Crumb, Composition & Theory
  • Jennifer Ellis, Finance
  • Eric Wills, CIS
  • Brigid Flannery, Educational and Community Supports
  • Elizabeth Frost, LRW
  • Michael Furtado, History
  • Nancy Heapes, Educational Methodology, Policy & Leadership
  • Scott Huette, Arts & Administration
  • Jacob Callister, PPPM
  • Nicholas Kohler, Geography
  • Adam Layne, Mathematics
  • Jessyca Lewis, Marketing
  • Roberta Mann, Law
  • Michele Henney, Accounting
  • Margie Paris, Law
  • Alan Rempel, Geological Sciences
  • Idit Shner, Saxophone and Jazz Studies
  • Bartlomiej Siudeja, Mathematics
  • Sonja Boos, German & Scandinavian
  • Elizabeth Tippett, Law
  • Hai Tran, Finance
  • Eleanor Vandegrift, Science Literacy Program
  • Valentino Vasquez, Communication Disorders & Sciences
  • Julie Weise, History
  • Marsha Weisiger, History
  • Mary Wills-Gordon, AEI
  • Benjamin Young, Mathematics
  • Michal Young, Computer and Information Science

LMS Technical and Policy Review Committee

  • James Bailey, Accessible Education Center
  • Jim Blick, Registrar
  • Tim Boshart, UO Libraries
  • Tyler Brandt, UO Libraries
  • Helen Chu, UO Libraries
  • Leo Clark, Information Services
  • Sue Eveland, Registrar
  • Nina Fox, UO Libraries
  • Stefanie Freeman, Information Services
  • Francisco Gray, Information Services
  • Susan Hilton, Information Services
  • Noreen Hogan, Information Services
  • Jeff Jones, Information Services
  • Troy Knabe, Information Services
  • Jon Miyake, Information Services
  • Nargas Oskui-Tabrizi, UO Libraries
  • Micah Sardell, Information Services
  • Sean Sharp, AAA IT
  • Robert Voelker-Morris, TEP
  • Tyfanie Wineriter, Information Services
  • Melissa Woo, Information Services

Purchasing, Contracting and Legal Support

  • Melissa Matella, Office of the General Counsel
  • Jamie Moffitt, Finance and Administration
  • Allie O’Connor, Purchasing & Contracting Services
  • Doug Park, Office of the General Counsel
  • Nancy Slight-Gibney, UO Libraries
  • Greg Stripp, Finance and Administration
  • Catherine Susman, Purchasing & Contracting Services

Administrative Project Sponsors

  • Andrew Bonamici, Associate Dean of Media & Instructional Services
  • Frances Bronet, Acting Senior Vice President and Provost
  • Deborah Carver, Philip Knight Dean of Libraries, Emeritus
  • Adriene Lim, Philip Knight Dean of Libraries

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