Adrien Wilkie, Co-Director (2008-2010)

Adrien Wilkie was born in Pasadena, California, but at the young age of 4, moved to Texas with her family. Although Dallas, TX is not the best location for outdoor activities, her family once or twice a year went on family vacations that entailed backpacking, skiing, sea kayaking, river rafting, or hiking. Through these many outdoor experiences, Adrien has grown to love the beauty of the earth and understand the importance of living a more environmentally conscious life. Adrien is now a junior Environmental Science major and a student in the Robert D. Clark Honors College. She very much enjoys spending her extra time working with groups that aim to bring awareness and action to environmental justice.

Past Co-Directors

Ashley Pheil, Co-Director (2008-2009)

Ashley Pheil

Ashley Pheil is a senior Environmental Science major and a student in the Robert D. Clark Honors College. This is her second year in the Coalition Against Environmental Racism and her first year as a co-director. She particularly enjoys biology and anthropology classes as well as the Old English she is taking for enjoyment and for the practical reason that if she is sucked through a time portal to Anglo-Saxon England she will stand a fair chance of getting around. In her spare time, Ashley’s favorite activities are reading, hiking, backpacking, playing the piano, and hanging out with her family, friends, and pets.

Emily Chi, Co-Director (2007-2008; 2008-2009), Marketing Director (2006-7)

Emily Chi

Emily Chi hails from Corvallis, Oregon and is a senior in the Robert D. Clark Honors College with a major in Environmental Science and minors in Geography and Biology. This is Emily’s second year as co-director and fourth year of involvement in the Coalition Against Environmental Racism. Aside from her interest in Environmental Justice, particularly in domestic issues, she is also passionate about universal health care, Taiwanese independence, and working with children. Her hobbies include playing piano, violin, ultimate Frisbee, and board games with friends and family.

Terra Reed, Outreach Coordinator (2006-7, 2008-9)

Terra Reed grew up in the Southwest.  She is a senior in PPPM, but has dabbled in French, Political Science, Environmental Studies, and Architecture.  She has always had a fondness for the outdoors and is a self-professed environmentalist, and is increasingly passionate about social justice.  This is her second year as Outreach Coordinator of CAER, having taking a year off to study in Lyon, France.  After graduation, she looks forward to continuing environmental justice work from a planning and public policy standpoint in her native New Mexico.  In her free time, Terra loves going to concerts, dancing, traveling, speaking French, and imagining she’s an amazing artist.

Nate Gulley, Co-Director (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008)

Nate Gulley is a community organizer in Portland, Oregon but is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Nate most recently worked as the youngest member of the Defend Oregon campaign to save Oregon from a series of backward ballot measures. Before that, Nate completed a PolitiCorps fellowship with the Oregon Bus Project, working to get young people involved in electoral politics. He graduated from the University of Oregon in 2008 after spending four years teaching little kids at the Co-op Family Center, three years Co-Directing the Coalition Against Environmental Racism, and two years serving as a Senator for the Associated Students. In his spare time, Nate fought for the departmentalization of his Ethnic Studies Program, a fight that was won a week before Nate’s graduation. In all of his time and work in Eugene, Nate is most proud of building the truly sustainable capacity of CAER. Nate knows that he left behind a stronger, more rooted CAER and that the current Co-Directors will do bigger and better things than he ever did.