About CAER

The Coalition Against Environmental Racism (CAER) is a student organization committed to bridging the gap between the struggle for social and environmental equality. CAER has the dual mission of educating the campus about Environmental Racism and building coalitions within the University community to foster activism in the Environmental Justice Movement.

Environmental Racism addresses the fact that poor communities, but specifically communities of color, are disproportionately impacted by pollution, waste disposal, hazardous sites, resource depletion, and natural disasters in the natural and built environment. Environmental Racism further emphasizes that communities of color are targeted by racist public policies and private interests, which refuse to involve them in decision-making processes.

CAER exists as a resistance to this inequality and as a strong and visible piece of the Environmental Justice Movement, a mobilization of people, communities, and organizations committed to fighting Environmental Racism in urban and rural settings across the country and the world. CAER works to build alliances with student unions, social justice groups, environmental organizations and the community in order to educate and take action locally, regionally, and globally.

We hold general meetings every other Wednesday during the academic year (excluding breaks and final weeks) at 6 pm in the MCC. Check out our Facebook page for details.