The Natalie Merchant Collection

“Nonesuch Records releases The Natalie Merchant Collection—a deluxe ten-CD box set compiled by Natalie Merchant—on June 23, 2017. The Natalie Merchant Collection comprises ten discs, including all eight of her solo studio albums from the past three decades.” (from There…

Trumpet Teacher Talk: Musical Fluency - A conversation with Brian McWhorter
Eugene Weekly: "The Nutcracker" Review

“Brian McWhorter’s Orchestra NEXT and the Cantible Collective, under direction of Chris Dobson, elevate the effort from enjoyable to resplendent.”

It's Not About the Tone - Article for ITG

It’s Not About the Tone a thought on developing voice by Brian McWhorter Great trumpet players have always had their own voice. In some cases, their voices were spectacular – some were simple – some were tireless or terrifying, and…

Go Crazy - a Latin Jazz Medley of Prince Tunes

Commissioned by the United States Marine Band

The Amsterdam Trans-Idiomatic Arts Practicum - Stanford University

The work of art is both a noun (the artwork) and a verb (the working of art). The Amsterdam Trans-Idiomatic Arts Practicum invites students to both observe and make art in Amsterdam. During the course students will review four arts events and complete four modest art projects.

Eugene Weekly: "Great Gatsby" at Eugene Ballet Company

“Set to music by Wynton Marsalis, the full-length work pulses like a pot on simmer, that slowly comes to a rolling boil, heating up with intrigue and the omnipresent humidity of an inescapable (pre air conditioning) New York summer. The…

Inside the Monsters' Studio - The New School

Inside the Monsters’ Studio, is a workshop for performing artists where participants brainstorm, create, produce and perform an original show – all within 5 days.

IAAF World Indoor Track & Field Championships - LIVE Anthems

For the first time, live anthems were performed for the World Indoor Track and Field Championships Medal Ceremonies in Portland. Orchestra Next, with lots of help from Travis Freshner (who did the arrangements), performed for 14 ceremonies. And I was…

Oregon Voice - the Ballistic Issue

Professor Trading Cards featuring Brian McWhorter