Zoot Horn Rollo - Mask Tracks EP

Zoot Horn Rollo – Mask Tracks EP

Was lucky to record with the great Bill Harkleroad – aka Zoot Horn Rollo – on this super fun EP that focuses on 4 different masks. He brought me in for Mask #4 and it was one of the quickest recording sessions I’ve ever been a part of. The hang was fun, the music was hard, the studio was really hot and everybody was a sweaty mess. Wish I could have done more!

The whole EP is available here:


The pieces were Recorded June 15th, 2013 and Mixed August 10th & 11th, 2013 By Bill Barnett at Gung Ho Studio in Eugene Oregon

The players who made this happen:
Zoot Horn Rollo: guitar
Mark Schneider: Bass
Jason Palmer: Drums
Sergei Teleshev: Accordion
Brian McWhorter: Trumpet
Bill Barnett: Engineer