American Exceptionalism: The Gender Factor


“This January, Elizabeth Hasselbeck of Fox News interviewed Australian arch-conservative political commentator Nick Addams about his newest book, American Boomerang. Hasselbeck’s central concern was that the “wussification” of American men by feminism was “affecting national security,” because it compromised the ability of the United States to “be a strong presence globally.” “That’s exactly right,” Addams said. While the Hasselbeck interview was roundly lampooned in the more liberal press, it is perhaps noteworthy that the point of Addams’ book, and his career-long preoccupation as a political commentator and author, is to promote American exceptionalism as a kind of world religion. Hasselbeck’s identification of the gender factor in Addams’ program illuminates the obvious once again: American exceptionalism, sacred to U.S. liberals and conservatives alike, is a deeply gendered affair…”

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