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UO Blogs System Updated

You may have noticed a new look and feel for the UO Blogs interface! Over the weekend, our host company,Edublogs, performed an update to the system.

This update includes the following new features and changes:

  • A new look to the admin bar
  • Flyout menus to keep menu items neat
  • Improved ‘Inactive Widgets’ area to save widgets (This will prevent widgets from getting lost when you change themes)
  • Customize Feature to change the header, background, title, and menus of the current theme while viewing a live update

For questions and support, contact the Help Desk.

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Want your blog or site featured?

Would you like to have your blog or site featured on the UO Blogs homepage? Please send an email to the Help Desk,, with the link to your blog or site.*

*Note: All sites or blogs submitted will be reviewed before being featured on the UO Blogs homepage.


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