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The goal of this journal club is to explore issues at the interface of biology, physics, and physical chemistry.  The journal club meetings in Klamath 377 from 12:00 – 12:50 pm on Wednesdays during Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms.

This term, we’re pairing theoretical and experimental papers.  For example, our first meeting was on lattice protein folding models, followed the next week with an application of lattice models, followed by experimental protein folding paper.

The comment thread on this page will be left open.  If you have an idea for a topic, please add it below.  We’ll add new blog posts as topics/papers are decided on over the term.


  1. Some ideas:

    1. Electron transfer in biological systems
    2. Revisit reaction diffusion models/experiments
    3. Theory and experimental results for physical methods in biophysics (spectroscopy, etc.). Maybe invite local experts in a technique to join the discussion?

    • That’s a cool idea. We read a paper this Fall about liquid/glass transitions in the cytosol driven by bacterial metabolism. I like the idea of thinking about how we should think physically about the complexity that is a cell with concentrated proteins, RNAs, etc.


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