About Me

My name is “Bill” P. William Limpisathian. I am a doctoral candidate in the Spatial Cognition, Computation and Complexity Lab of the Department of Geography at the University of Oregon working with Dr. Amy Lobben on neuro-geographical and neuro-cartographic research. My ongoing dissertation research investigates the neurological role of cartographic visual contrast in mediating map and spatial cognition using transdisciplinary fMRI neuroimaging methodologies. My passion is in map design and cartographic cognition. I caught this cartographic bug after taking Dr. Cindy Brewer’s Intro to Cartography during my undergrad years at Penn State. From then on I knew I wanted to map whatever thematic data I can get my hands on in a perceptually salient way that makes it accessible to all. I was lucky enough to have been mentored by Dr. Brewer throughout my time at Penn State, both as an undergraduate and graduate student. Additionally, I have extensive experience in geospatial analysis and spatial data management and processing. My proudest past works include being the principal cartographer on the US National Park Service project to nominate 10 US sites by Frank Lloyd Wright to the UNESCO World Heritage List and serving as a contributing cartographer for the publication of Cindy Brewer’s Designing Better Maps, 2nd Edition book. In my spare time, I help co-organize the Eugene charter of #Maptime, connecting fellow map nerds through mapping workshops and meetups.

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