China Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

In 2016, Henry A. Kissinger was the national simulcast speaker for the 10th annual China Town Hall (see link below), and following Kissinger’s presentation, Kristen McDonald (PhD Environmental Science, Policy and Management), Director: China Program for Pacific Environment, adds context to our understanding of environmental sharing, U.S.-China industrial practices, rural concerns, and Pacific Rim environmental […]

The UO’s Gertrude Bass Warner Collection: Collecting Thoughts, Inciting Investigations

PhD candidate and Collections Historian Josh Fitzgerald discusses the Gertrude Bass Warner Collection and the various projects he worked on as an intern with the Digital Scholarship Center (2016-17). Topics include: accessibility of the her collection on Digital Oregon, educational programming supposed by the Center of Asian and Pacific Studies, Fitzgerald’s collection outreach talks, and […]

Spartan Creativity: The Rise of South Korea’s Samsung Empire

Journalist Geoffrey Cain explains the rise of the South Korean company Samsung, and its corporate culture and industry strategies during the twentieth century. Cain discusses such topics as: Japanese economic imperialism, Japanese versus Korean corporate structures (Chaebol/Zaibatsu), the “Samsung Man,” Korean industrial reforms and U.S.-South Korean relations, and historical figure, such as Lee Byung-chull and […]

Godzilla, Cool Japan, and the Making of a Global Icon

William Tsutsui, Hendrix College president and professor of the History of Japan, explores Japanese popular culture and the looming media presence of the Godzilla franchise. Tsutsui’s lecture explains the monster’s popularity in the U.S. and his impact on the international zeitgeist. In particular, Tsutsui investigates Godzilla’s representation by various enterprises over time, and how they […]

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