The Literature of Location: Bilingual Reading in English and Japanese by Shibasaki Tomoka, with introduction by Kendall Heitzman (University of Iowa)

Akutagawa Prize-winning author Shibasaki Tomoka and University of Iowa’s Kendall Heitzman present a joint reading, in English and Japanese, of Shibasaki’s story Koko de koko de, (Right Here, Right Here). Shibasaki is a Japanese author from Osaka. Her debut novel, Kyō no dekigoto (A Day on the Planet, 2000) was adapted into film by Isao […]

Godzilla, Cool Japan, and the Making of a Global Icon

William Tsutsui, Hendrix College president and professor of the History of Japan, explores Japanese popular culture and the looming media presence of the Godzilla franchise. Tsutsui’s lecture explains the monster’s popularity in the U.S. and his impact on the international zeitgeist. In particular, Tsutsui investigates Godzilla’s representation by various enterprises over time, and how they […]

Global Anime: Hollywood, Fandom, and Twentieth-Century Federal Reserve Policies

Kevin McKeever, Harmony Gold’s VP of Marketing, describes the rise in popularity of Japanese anime in the U.S., explaining its relation to Hollywood, fandom, and the phenomenon of globalization over the last five decades. In particular, McKeever, a specialist for Robotech and similar animation projects, examines global marketing and merchandising strategies and anime fan interests. […]

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