Transportation Resources

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Lane Transit District
Your UO student ID card lets you ride the bus for free! LTD’s website can help you plan your trip, see which routes serve UO Station, and identify park and ride locations.

UO Bike program
Location: 008 EMU
The UO Bike Program offers a Do-It-Yourself Maintenance Shop, campus Fix-It Repair Stations, maintenance classes, and more. UO Bike Program’s do-it-yourself bike shop is free for University of Oregon students. UO students can rent a bike for 1-4 terms. All term loan bikes come with front and rear lights, a basket, fenders, u-lock, and optional helmet. Bike loans are $10 per day or $50 per term.

PeaceHealth Rides
PeaceHealth’s bike share allows you to choose a payment plan through the mobile app or website, rent a bike for however long you need it, and return it to any of the PeaceHealth bike hubs when you are done. For UO students, faculty and staff the bikes are free for 15 minutes per day, and 10 cents per minute after that. Or, bikes are available for $5 per month for 60 minutes of ride time per day (any additional time is 10 cents per minute). Find out more about how this works and the rates here.

Grocery Shuttle
The Grocery Shuttle is available to take students to WinCo, Walmart, or other grocery stores on Friday nights. This service is free to international students. To reserve a seat email

Drive Less Connect
Drive Less Connect allows individuals to join or offer carpool and vanpool opportunities. The resource offers one way trips, long distance trips, even last minute trips if you find yourself in a transportation bind.

Valley VanPool
A group of 5-15 commuters can join or establish a van pool. Fare is based on the size of the van and round trip mileage. Van pools work best for those who live 20 miles or more from their workplace/school. Monthly cost per rider is generally between $100 and $160 per month depending on the number of riders in the vanpool. Find more information about joining a van pool or starting one here.

Origin-to-destination transportation for people who are unable to ride the bus due to a disability. An assessment will be done to determine the services you are eligible for, but once approved, RideSource users can then call to schedule trips. These shuttles operate within the Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area and the same hours as the bus.

Book a car by the hour or day (membership is currently $15 a year plus $7 per hour, or $70 per day). Apply online and you will be sent a Zipcard in the mail, which will allow you to access Zipcars in the area.

Enterprise CarShare
Book a car by the hour or day. Membership is currently $35 per year, plus $7 per hour or $60 per day. On the weekends the rate is $8 per hour or $65 per day.

Safe Ride
541-346-7433 ext. 2 to schedule a ride
Safe Ride is a free assault prevention service open to UO students, faculty and staff. Safe Ride offers free shuttle transport to groups of 3 or fewer every evening during the school year. Safe Ride’s website lists its hours of operation as well as its service boundaries.

Walking and Biking
Find out more about routes you can walk and discover your Walk Score to explore what businesses and other services are walking distance from your home.  You can also find more information about bike path maps here.

Page last updated 9/4/18