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The University of Oregon recognizes that student success is impacted by unmet basic needs such as food security and housing security. The campus and community resources in this Guide are intended to support your well-being so that you can meet your academic goals!

Basic Needs Resources

In addition to the resources in this Guide, UO Libraries maintains a list of resources for veterans, active military, Guard & Reserve, and their families.

Newly Updated Resources:

  • Food: Hearth & Table – Free meals for students, and opportunities to learn about cooking, right next to campus!
  • Food: Produce Drop – Produce Drops are like a pop-up farmer’s stand, but everything is free to eligible students and their families.
  • Food: Ducks Feeding Ducks – Ducks Feeding Ducks provides a transfer of $10 into a student’s account for use at any campus food venue that accepts Duck Bucks.

If you have questions about accessing resources and support, or would like to talk to a UO staff member about these resources, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students at 541-346-3216.