The Autism History Project

Jessica Park, The Silverstein House and the Stoned Lion (detail), 1992, collection of Deborah Silverstein

The Autism History Project profiles some of the people, topics, and ideas that shaped autism throughout the twentieth century. It also presents an archive of sources to illustrate that history. The Timeline is a good place to begin.

The Autism History Project is for everyone interested in autism as well as anyone interested in medicine and the human sciences, health and social welfare, development and disability, and the history of children and families in the modern United States.

The mission of The Autism History Project is to show that the past is a resource for the present and future.

The beautiful works of art featured on this website were created by Jessica Park. I am grateful to her for permission to use them here. Most are details drawn from larger works. For viewers who wish to see them reproduced in their entirety, please see About the Project.

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