Research Partnerships:

In partnership with Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend, and informed by Planetree Hospitals’ patient-centered care model, the University of Oregon in Arts in Healthcare Research Consortium (UO AHRC) will develop an evaluative study on the relationship among dimensions of arts programs, patient culture and health, and an organizational culture of healing.

In partnership with Sacred Heart Medical Center Riverbend’s Palliative Care Programs (Music-Thanatology Program) and the San Diego Hospice Institute for Palliative Medicine (International Harp Therapy Program), the UO AHRC will develop an experimental research design on the physiological and interpersonal effects of harp therapy programs on patients, patient families, and hospice staff.

In partnership with Samaritan Health Services and ArtsCare in Corvallis, Oregon, the UO AHRC will develop and refine evaluative research methods for measuring the impact of arts program engagement on the overall adult patient experience, as well as patient engagement in care, treatment adherence, and clinical outcomes.

University of Oregon and Community Partnerships:

The cross-divisional UO AHRC engages collaboration across University of Oregon campus departments, which is comprised of leadership from the Anthropology, Arts and AdministrationInternational Studies, and Psychology departments, as well as the School of Music. Additionally, UO AHRC will initiate and develop research relationships with faculty and colleagues in the Department of Human Physiology.

Institutional Partnerships:

Institutional partners include the Center for Arts in Medicine University of Florida, Global Alliance for Arts & Health, the Center for Mission at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Riverbend, the International Harp Therapy Program, the Music-Thanatology Program at Lane Community College, the Pacific Northwest Arts and Health Alliance, Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Samaritan Health Services and ArtsCare, and Well Arts.