ArtsProgramsHealthcare_BookCoverEdited by Patricia Dewey Lambert, Associate Professor and Director of the Arts and Administration ProgramManaging Arts Programs in Healthcare  (Routledge, 2015) is the first reference book of its kind to focus on the professional leadership and management of arts programs and activities in healthcare settings.


A growing body of research demonstrates how the arts – including literary, performing and visual arts as well as architecture and design – can greatly enhance the experience of healthcare, contributing to improved health outcomes, a better patient experience and lower healthcare costs. This unique book provides an overview of what the arts in healthcare can achieve and how to implement the arts in the most effective manner.

Exploring possibilities for innovative program design and implementation – from healing gardens through public performances to bedside activities – the text draws on examples from a wide range of arts. The book then goes on to look at how programs can be aimed at specific populations and fields, such as children, palliative care and caregivers. This comprehensive book is an invaluable reference for all those studying or engaged in creating, designing, managing and evaluating arts in healthcare programs and initiatives.