DIY Nature Art : Snow Sculptures!

Winter time can be difficult during periods of rough, cold weather. Beat cabin fever and get outside to make art with snow! Create lively snow sculptures of animals, objects, or people. Take a cue from Andy Goldsworthy, and fashion abstract constructions that stand alone, or are supported by trees or rocks. Wear gloves, and let the cold fuel your creativity.
Get Started!

Materials: an abundant amount of snow, freezing temperatures, and a few shaping tools (you can find sticks, twigs, angular rocks, or tools you brought from home)


  • Find a large mound of snow, or use a shovel to make a mound of tightly packed snow. It can be as large or as small as you wish.
  • Remove the excess snow to create a rough outline of your snow sculpture. Use your hands, sticks, or wedge rocks to help shape your snow.
  • Use smaller tools to add finer detail to the sculpture.


  • Spray with water to help it freeze overnight
  • If your sculpture will be large or will feature extensions, try constructing a simple frame or anchor out of branches or sticks into which snow is tightly packed.
  • Repairs can be made with a quick-freezing mixture of snow and water.
Get Inspired!

Watch these two create a snow elephant, complete with working trunk!



Works by Andy Goldsworthy:

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