Featured Artist : Sylvain Meyer

Finding solace in forests, rivers, and streams, artist Sylvain Meyer transforms materials from the earth into magnificent pieces of art. Taking cue from the land art movement of the 1970s, Meyer calls attention to natural beauty with careful arrangement of the elements, usually on a grand scale. He sources materials directly from the installation site, so as to remain in harmony with delicate ecosystems already established. This giant spider is a carefully placed collection of boulders and branches adorned with moss. Other works are composed of gathered leaves, twigs, or rock matter. His work feels both contemplative and playful at once.  As with many land/nature/eco artists, Meyer celebrates the temporal limitations in the existence of his work. Although his formations are immortalized in stunning photographs, the few who experience the pieces in the flesh are lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Discover more amazing pieces by Sylvain Meyer in his Flickr feed.


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