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Graduate Employee Guidelines and Procedures for Returning Students

DEADLINE: Online forms are due April 1 of each academic year.

Graduate Teaching Fellows provide valuable support for the department in the form of instruction, class assistance and administration. Work performance is supervised and evaluated by a member of the faculty or staff. GTF appointments are awarded based on specific abilities related to the work assignment, academic progress and merit, past performance, and program familiarity.

The types of assignments for graduate fellows in Art may include:

  • Instructor of record in a given section of a studio class
  • Instruction in a lab tied to a lecture course
  • Large lecture classroom assistant



Depending on the nature of the appointment, the position may entail some of the following duties:

  • Attending course taught by their supervisor
  • Preparing course materials
  • Developing assignments
  • Preparing studio demonstrations
  • Preparing visual presentations
  • Evaluation of examination materials such as artwork and written assignments
  • Monitoring facilities
  • Ordering supplies and overseeing work study students
  • Faculty research assistance

General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS)


Those receiving fellowships for next year will be notified and expected to complete contract and payroll forms before the end of spring term. The fellowships are granted for one to three terms of regular session and are not renewable except through re-application and review along with all applications received for the year in question.

Work Load, Fees, and Salary

The 2018-19 salary base is $30,504 for the GTF 1 level. All appointments in the Department of Art are at the GE 1 level. Appointments are made at .30, and .49 FTE (full time equivalent). With these appointments GEs are assessed non-instructional fees set by the Oregon University System of which the student is responsible for the balance as stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement. The GE tuition waiver will cover up to 16 credit hours.

Nine graduate credit hours is the minimum load for GEs. The work hours associated with FTE (full time equivalent) are as follows:

.20 FTE appointments require up to 88 hours per term

.30 FTE appointments require up to 110 hours per term

.40 FTE appointments require up to 175 hours per term .49 FTE appointments require up to 215 hours per term


GE Teaching Requirements

GEs are required to:

  • Attend departmental teaching orientation workshops the week before classes begin and throughout the term
  • Attend 3 Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP) workshops each year during the 1st and 2nd year
  • Take Supervised College Teaching (SCT) credits before teaching a course as a Sole Instructor
  • Sole Instructors must submit syllabi to their supervisor by week 8 of the term before they teach the course (the week before classes begin for Fall term)

Supervised College Teaching (SCT):

Before assuming teaching duties for a course for which they are the Sole Instructor, GEs are required to take Supervised College Teaching credits as follows: 

  • For Curricular Area courses, take credits with a faculty member teaching a related course
  • For Core assignments (233, 116), take SCT with CORE faculty or Career Instructors teaching those courses
  • For Digital Art assignments (252, 300-level), take SCT with DART faculty or Career Instructors teaching those courses

ART 602  / Supervised College Teaching, 2 credits P/NP

All graduate students applying for GE positions in studio classes are required to complete Supervised College Teaching Credits (SCT) with full time faculty in their area of technical expertise. Supervised College Teaching allows for mentorship in teaching methods and procedures through observation of faculty classes. Classroom observation is designed to help graduate students implement methods for teaching visual arts through presenting lectures and assignments, preparing and delivering demonstrations, and critiquing and grading student work. Graduate students are expected to observe each class and prepare materials for two class sessions covering one technical demonstration and one topical image presentation. 

NOTE: Students only need to take SCT once, they do not need to repeat SCT for differing course assignments, or for .30 GTF appointments.


Visit the Graduate School website for additional GE information.