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Learning Goals for AAD 610 Marketing, Media, and Communication I

October 5, 2013 by   

This term, I take the first of a two-part course called Marketing, Media, and Communication. This class combines the principles of marketing, applications of media (and criticism of media) in relation to the arts sector, and the use of various graphic design software applications. Some of the curriculum will be a repeat for me (I took two of the classes that fed into this new hybrid class), but I am looking forward to gaining an understanding of the connections between the different content areas through this multi-modal approach.

Learning Goals:

1) Increase proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite software.

2) Create a rebranding strategy for Cultural Forum (where I currently serve in the position of Performing Arts Coordinator). In the second part of this course (M, M, and C II in Winter 2014) I hope to create a marketing plan for one of the shows I am currently planning for the Cultural Forum.

3) Do some further research into market segmentation. Although I understand the basic concept, I would like to understand how to actually conduct the research that allows an arts marketer to market in a targeted manner to varying populations. I will especially use this skill as PA Coordinator at Cultural Forum this year.

4) Gain a better understanding of how to leverage social media for marketing purposes. Although I use social media, I have an inherent distrust of it, and I hope to get over that in this class–and fully embrace its incredible potential for marketing within the arts nonprofit realm.



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