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Web 2.0 App Abstract: Musicovery

February 28, 2013 by   

AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

Web 2.0 App Abstract Assignment

Assignment Description:

Students pick a Web 2.0 app that they use, and/or one they are interested in knowing more about, to write a brief abstract about its features, application, and value. This will be presented like a product review, approximately a page in length, and submitted as a PDF. These will be shared on my instructional blog. Web 2.0 apps include Diigo, Skype, Prezi, Evernote, Flickr, hulu, digg, weebly, Linkedin, and many more.

Musicovery Web 2.0 App Abstract

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  1. Eric Schiff says:

    Definitely a good one – I like the premise of its social intent. Registration issue might deter some folks, give them feedback.

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