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Potential Research Methods

February 18, 2013 by   

AAD 630 Research Methods

Research Methods Blog Post

In completing my second-year research, I will attempt to answer the question, What models of programming are most effective at engaging audiences at a live music venue? Further, what are the benefits of participatory models of programming for an audience member? Enhanced creativity? Increased social connections and/or creative collaborations between community members? Or simply, an increase in enjoyment of a performance?

I expect my research to mainly be approached mainly from the audience perspective. I intend to conduct two or more case studies of organizations with innovative, interdisciplinary, and/or participatory music programming, using personal observation and possibly interviews with staff members to understand why innovative music or performing arts venues program the way that they do. The rest of my research will be conducted through audience surveys and/or focus groups pre- and post-performance. My research will be qualitative and exploratory in nature, as I attempt to understand what audiences stand to gain from a venue’s participatory model of musical programming. Rather than looking for a specific increase in measurable attributes within a population, I will seek to gain a deeper understanding of the experience of a smaller number of individuals. I believe this can best be accomplished through surveys and focus groups. In addition to these research methods, I will conduct a literature review in order to situate my research topic within a framework of live music as a breeding ground for improved quality of life, personal transformation, and possibly, social group development and inception of creative projects.



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