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Personal Learning Environment

February 7, 2013 by   

AAD 585 Multimedia In Arts Administration

PLE and Narrative Assignment


PLE  Assignment Description– Students create a graphic representation of their Personal Learning Environment – examples on my blog from past cohorts, and links to PLE sites. A written and/or recorded narrative must accompany the PLE (depending on the media type used for presentation).


I chose to represent my personal learning environment (PLE) as a village because I feel as though I am immersed in a community that offers new avenues for learning at every turn. I have a lot of fun entering different spaces—both actual and metaphorical—to acquire the information I need.

  • The University represents the University of Oregon. This is a new element to my PLE. While I learn much in the buildings and classrooms I frequent, my cohort and professors are responsible for inspiring me every day, and challenge me to work harder.
  • The Theatre/Music Hall symbolizes WOW Hall, where I am currently engaged in a practicum, as well as all the music venues in Portland and Eugene where I have rehearsed, performed, or seen live music. I learn from the performers I watch, and I learn something about myself every time I sing publicly.
  • The Radio Station is the media hub. Since moving to Eugene, U of O’s radio station, KWVA has become a fixture in my life. I also learn of music and news stories through NPR, and discover many favorite new bands through KEXP, U of W’s radio station. I included television and Netflix under this category, as well. This is part of how I stay connected to local, national, and international entertainment and current events.
  • The Library symbolizes all the learning that I engage in through the written word—either online, or through books and periodicals. Reading has taken center stage since I began this program, and I expect it to occupy an even greater space as I begin to engage in research. The library, metaphorically, is the place where I feel most comfortable in this village, besides Home.
  • Home is my friends and family, as well as the base from which I operate. This is where I feel safe to hash out ideas, to learn about myself, and glean wisdom from those close to me. This is my chosen social community, and also includes public places where I can observe people. Facebook is part of home, a site that helps me stay current on the affairs of those who are important to me.
  • The Apothecary is where I go to get well, at least, that’s the goal. I have spent much time in doctor’s offices since I was a baby. I learn from healthcare professionals, clinics, and pharmacies, and teach myself about medical issues using medical websites.
  • The Spiritual Center is where I find solace and guidance. I learn about my religion from books, websites, and tools such as astrology and tarot. I learn by practicing at home, and out in nature. I sometimes attend churches, as well.
  • The Music Store helps me learn about new music, along with the Radio Station. In the past, I’ve worked in a record store and wrote for a music blog, and I gather “Best Of” lists every December to make a spreadsheet with the critics’ top albums of the year. I learn both by checking out others’ music recommendations and exploring new music in physical stores and in iTunes.



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