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Showcase ePortfolio Webmap and Narrative

January 22, 2013 by   

AAD 585 Multimedia Design and Presentation, Winter 2013

Assignments #1a and 1b: Showcase ePortfolio Project Narrative and Webmap

Alexandra Richardson


For my Showcase ePortfolio, I plan on including these headings and subheadings: 1) About; 2) Resume; 2a) Performance Resume; 3) Internship; 4) Work Samples; 4a) Writing; 4b) Design; 5) Research; 6) Professional; and 7) Contact. Thus, I will have seven main headings/pages and a total of three sub-pages. I personally do not like navigating many subheadings, so I wanted to include as much information as possible on the front end of the site. The main headings will be laid out vertically on the left side of the page. Vertical heading layouts are less common, but I think easier to use. I want my site to be bold and warm at the same time. I want it to convey strength and style, and communicate my achievements clearly to a casual reader.

1) The About page will be a basic bio with some info about my outside-of-school interests, plus an explanation of the site and a “thank you for visiting.”

2) The Resume section will have all the resume text on the parent page, as well as including a link to a PDF version. There will be one sub-page- a separate page for a performance resume. This page will be laid out the same as the main resume page (all info there with a PDF link). I may also include photos or videos to creative work I have done.

3) The Internship section will have all info on the one page, describing what I did Summer 2013. Additionally, I will house information about my current (and future, if applicable) practicum.

4) Work Samples- This basic explanatory page will contain two sub-pages: Writing and Design. Under Writing, I will include PDFs to papers, as well as a link to my Transmedia Field Guide. Design will contain samples from Advanced Info Design class, and possibly this class.

5) Research will contain a brief explanation of my terminal research and maybe a paragraph discussing future areas of inquiry.

6) The Professional page will have a list of the organizations to which I belong, a list of professional conferences I have attended, and any other applicable info not elsewhere on the site.

7) Contact: straightforward. Will have my contact info, as well as links to my coursework ePortfolio, LinkedIn profile, and Tumblr blog (which I am in the process of developing).

Showcase ePortfolio Webmap PDF


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