New Fall Landscape Architecture PhD Students

If you have been recommended for admission to the Landscape Architecture PhD program, the next steps in the process are:

  1. You are invited to Grad Day
  2. Submit the Graduate Admission Decision Form (accept or decline) and pay the program deposit by April 15
  3. New Graduate Student checklist
  4. International students: Getting Started
  5. One Stop Graduate Student Resources
  6. Contact Mark Eischeid for new student instructions and registration advising
  7. Review the PhD Handbook prior to the first day of class

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Starting in Early May, you will receive a 10+ week Orientation Email series that will walk you through much of what you need to know and do to get started at the UO.

School of Architecture & Environment (SAE) Mandatory Fall Orientation:

Day/Date/Time are to be determined (Offered during the week before the start of classes)

All Student Faculty Staff Meeting:

  • First day of fall term at 1:00 p.m. (location TBD) Landscape all-school student/faculty/staff meeting

UO Orientations:

PhD Registration, Schedule of Classes, Academic Calendars

Be sure and Claim Your Duck ID first.

Your UO ID number and PAC notification should have been sent to you from the UO Admissions office a few weeks after you submitted your UO Graduate Application. If you didn’t receive this notification, please contact UO Admissions at

If you have received your UO ID number and PAC (personal access code) notification from UO Admissions, you need to claim your Duck ID and register for courses as noted below via DuckWeb.

Individualized Study Courses & Pre-Authorization

All independent study courses require a pre-authorization form to be completed in cooperation with and approved by a supervising faculty.

The College of Design Student Services office offers general education advising, career services, job and internship assistance, scholarship information, and referrals to student groups so that you can explore, engage, and connect through classes, internships, and events.

Housing and Employment

Mandatory Hardware and Software Requirements

Digital tools are necessary for all landscape architects. The department requires all students to have unlimited access to their own personal computer. Because of the professional application of complex graphic programs and large data files for most coursework, the department’s computer requirements exceed the average user’s computing needs. See the College of Design Student Computer Purchasing Guide for recommended specifications and departmental requirements. In addition to hardware requirements, please note the department’s specific software requirements and recommendations.