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Check out the Department’s general course descriptions on our main website. Detailed descriptions of current and upcoming courses, as well as a tentative list of the full year of course offerings, also are posted on the wall outside of Lawrence 230.

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Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Schedule Matrix

LA 260 Understanding Landscapes (Geffel and Chan)
LA 326 Plants: Fall & Course Syllabus (Duhrkoop-Galas and Densmore)
LA 337 The Nature of Eugene  Syllabus (Lueck)
LA 390 Urban Farm Syllabus (Keeler)
LA 407/507 Sem Theory (Thoren)
LA 408/508 Wrk Adv Digital Media (Abelman)
LA 410/510 Urban Sustainability Syllabus (Ko Y)
LA 410/510 Env Data Visualization (Lee)
LA 413/513 Analyzing Land Systems (Enright)
LA 439/539 Lands Arch Des & Proc (Abelman)
LA 441/541 Princ Applied Ecology (Apostle)
LA 459/559 Top 3 D Mapping w/ Ladar (Lee)
LA 489/589 Site Planning and Design (Geffel)
LA 490 Comp Project Prep (Hulse)
LA 494/594 Land Planning & Design (Ribe)

Winter 2019

LA 289 Landsc Architec Design Space  Site  Change (Thoren)
LA 327 Plants: Winter (Duhrkoop-Galas)
LA 337 Top Des Sustainble Wld (Russel)
LA 337  Top Living Landscapes Syllabus (Lueck)
LA 350  Landscape Media (Stapleton)
LA 390  Urban Farm (Keeler)
LA 408/508  Wrk Synthtc Landscapes (Geffel)
LA 410/510 Food Systems (Abelman)
LA 410/510  Advanced CAD (Hawkes)
LA 410/510  Env Data Visualization (Lee)
LA 415/515  Introduction to GIS for Landscape Architecture (Enright)
LA 417/517  Computer Aided LA Des (Jorgensen)
LA 429/529  Civic Agriculture (Keeler)
LA 439/539  Landsc Arch Des & Proc The Edible City (Abelman)
LA 439/539 Landsc Arch Des & Proc Experimental Garden (Geffel)
LA 459/559  Top Sustain Enrgy Lands (Ko Y)
LA 462/562 Profes Prac Lands Arch (Arms)
LA 474/574 Hist Landscape Arch I (Eischeid)
LA 489/589 Site Planning & Design (Strangeland and Duhrkoop-Galas
LA 499 Comprehensive Project (Ribe)
LA 620 Landsc Research Methods (Thoren)
LA 699 Masters Project (Eischeid)


Spring 2019

Course list coming soon.

Summer 2019

Summer course list to be determined.