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Check out the Department’s general course descriptions on our main website. Detailed descriptions of current and upcoming courses, as well as a tentative list of the full year of course offerings, also are posted on the wall outside of Lawrence 230.

For the most up-to-date course listings by term, check the UO Schedule of Classes.

Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Schedule Matrix

LA 199  Special Studies
LA 260  Understanding Landscapes
LA 326  Plants: Fall & Course Syllabus
LA 337  The Nature of Eugene & Course Syllabus
LA 390  Urban Farm
LA 408/508  Wrk Adv Digital Media
LA 410/510  Urban Sustainability
LA 410/510  Sust Des Princ & Prac
LA 410/510  Env Data Visualization
LA 413/513  Analyzing Land Systems
LA 439/539  Lands Arch Des & Proc
LA 441/541  Princ Applied Ecology
LA 494/594  Landscape Planning and Design
LA 459/559  Top 3 D Mapping w/ Ladar
LA 489/589  Planning and Design
LA 490  Comp Project Prep
LA 494/594  Land Planning & Design

Winter 2019

Course list coming soon.

Spring 2019

Course list coming soon.

Summer 2019

Summer course list to be determined.