Course Descriptions

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Fall 2019

Historic Preservation Courses

AAAP 4/510 Cultural Landscapes (Matthews)
AAAP 4/510 Condition Assessment (Hoffer, Meijer)
AAAP 4/511 Intro Historic Preservation (Buckley) ARCH History Modern
AAAP 4/521 Am Arch Perspective I (Randl)
AAAP 607 Sem Internship II (Grieger)
AAAP 609 Prac Intership (Grieger)
AAAP 610 Thesis Proposal (Randl)


Winter 2020

Historic Preservation Courses

DSGN 410/510 Universal Design for Healthy Aging: Mobility, Metrics and Memory Syllabus and Application and Course Description (Solowski, Fretz, Hagenlocher, Salter)
AAAP 410/510 New Business Practices of Historic Preservation (Stuart)
ARCH 410/510 Spatial Justice Seminar (Wilkins)
AAAP 422/522 Am Arch Presrv Pers II (Cava) ARCH History Modern
ARCH 423/523 Media for Design Development CAD/Revit (Leahy)
AAAP 451/551 Historic Resource Survey & Inventory Methodology (Minor)


Spring 2020

Historic Preservation Courses

Portland Weekly Schedule

AAAP 408/508 Workshop Albina African American Cultural Heritage Conservation Research (Buckley)
AAAP 410/510 Research Methods in Historic Preservation (Ranzetta)
AAAP 410/510 Transportation and Preservation (Rudnicki)
AAAP 410/510 Building Pathology: Preservation of Historic Materials (Cambier)
AAAP 423/523 Am Architecture from a Preservation Perspective III World Heritage: ARCH & Urbanism (Buckley) ARCH History Modern
AAAP 431/531 National Register of Historic Places (Jones)
AAAP 451/551 Legal Issues in Historic Preservation (Richter)