Transferring to Portland

Interested in Transferring to Portland?

Arch students:

Students going into their final year of the B.ARCH or M.ARCH program in Fall of 2020 are eligible to apply to transfer to our Portland campus. There are a limited number of seats available. Students will be selected to transfer based on a competitive review of their application. Applications will be scored based on the following elements:

  • Narrative Evaluation: In 500 words or less, please explain how transferring to Portland will contribute to your academic or career goals.
  • Academic Evaluation: Review of your unofficial transcript in DuckWeb
  • Design Evaluation: Please include sample work from an intermediate studio (4/584) that you are most proud of (PDF only, please keep file size reasonable)
  • Review of your Portland Program Checklist to ensure you can fulfill your remaining requirements

Interior Arch students:

Right now there seems to be enough interest to move forward with the Portland option but we won’t know if it is viable until everyone has a chance to make up their mind and apply (or not). We will have a definitive answer by the end of the term or sooner.

Here are some things to consider:

We will not be offering any interiors studios in Portland in the Fall. Some of you may be interested in taking an Architecture studio in PDX fall but if you need Furniture Design or an Interiors Studio you need to plan on being in Eugene in Fall. ARCH studios in PDX tend to be on the urban design scale which may not appeal to or be comfortable for all IARC students.

The comp prep class in Fall will still be held here in Eugene. This class meets once per week for three hours (Friday mornings). If there are students in PDX we may adjust and add some “on-line” content but you should plan on commuting to Eugene for the class if you are in PDX in the fall.

Comp studio will be the ONLY IARC course taught in PDX. In fact, the only courses you will be able to take are from ARCH and Historic Preservation (AAAP). Students interested in Minors in AAAP or ARCH can typically complete these programs in one year in PDX.

In order to make PDX work for you, it is important to be done with the bulk of your university and ALL interior architecture specific requirements. The advising staff will work with each person who intends to go so that you will know your options.

Arch/IARC students:

You will be required to commit to attending the PDX campus before the end of winter term. The department is going to hire instructors based on your commitment so you will not be able to change your mind once you have committed. Here are some items to consider:

  • Housing in Portland will typically cost 2-3 times what you are paying in Eugene
  • Course selection is limited and you will only be able to choose between ARCH and Historic Preservation classes (5-6 courses total)
  • The Portland campus is all about the urban environment – projects and courses tend to be large scale
  • The Portland campus is small, serving roughly 200 students with only a few full time faculty. Amenities like the EMU, craft center, and gym are not available. Health and mental health services are through PSU
  • Graduate students: GE positions are very limited and it is highly unlikely for students transferring to be awarded
  • ARCH students: if you are not able to follow through with your commitment to transfer, please be aware:
    • You will not have preference or choice in a terminal studio in Eugene. You will be placed in a studio with space
    • If there is not space in one of the studios, you will be required to wait until next year to take terminal studio

If you have questions about the application, or the possibility of transferring to the PDX campus, contact Trever Bruhn (

Transfer to Portland Application – Due February 14, 2020

Portland Program Checklist – Arch students need to complete this prior to applying

Explore the UO Portland website.

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