Graduate Employees (GE)

GE Positions Added:  2018 – 2019 Fall and Winter Terms

Please see the new GE position for the upcoming 2018 – 2019  Fall and Winter terms.

Students interested in applying for this position should send a CV, brief letter of interest to Professor Alison G. Kwok ( In your letter, please explain your interest in life cycle analysis, cross laminated timber, skills in writing, literature search, graphic/layout capabilities.

Please see the new GE position for the upcoming 2018 – 2019  Fall and Winter terms.

Students interested in applying for this position should send a CV and a brief letter of interest to Professor Judith
Sheine ( In your letter, please explain your interest in mass timber design and
construction, experience in construction documents and/or mass timber design, and skills in writing, literature
search, graphic/layout capabilities.

Deadline to apply: April 24, 2018; decision to be made by April 30, 2018


Architecture & Interior Architecture Graduate Employee (GE) Positions

Priority consideration will be given to qualified graduate students in the Department of Architecture.

Courses which are supported by GEs are typically large enrollment courses in design media, design arts and building technology course sequences as well as sections of first and second year undergraduate design studios. Students interested in learning about the various courses may review studios and subject area courses here.

Some GE appointments may not be possible for graduate students whose required coursework conflicts with GE work hours, location, and schedule.  Accepting a GE position may affect course registration of required courses.  It is the student’s responsibility to discuss GE tasks, responsibilities, and course schedule with the supervising instructor(s) regarding how the GE tasks/duties/schedule will work with your required courses.

Please note: In order to be inclusive of all graduate students with a paid teaching, administrative, or research graduate fellow position on campus and in accordance with the new, tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement, graduate students with appointments will now be referred to as GEs (Graduate Employees) rather than as GTFs (Graduate Teaching Fellows). The term GE does not apply to student employee positions held by graduate students.

  • Summer GE Architecture Announcement Call: January 18, 2018
  • Summer Term Application Deadline: February 9, 2018, midnight PST
    -Email notification: mid-March 2018
    -New MS/PhD students are not eligible to apply for summer term GE positions that are scheduled prior to their admit term (fall)
  • Fall/Winter/Spring GE Architecture Announcement Call: February 2, 2018
  • Fall/Winter/Spring Term Application Deadline: March 9, 2018, midnight PST
    -Email notification: mid-May 2018
  • The Architecture GE Orientation is scheduled for September 21, 2018, between 12:00 -3:00 PM (lunch provided) in LA 278
  • Graduate School Orientation and Graduate Employee Mandatory Training, September 18, 2018

At the UO, Graduate Teaching Fellowship (GE for Graduate Employee) appointments include a full tuition remission, stipend, coverage of most fees, and health insurance during each term of the award. The UO and GTFF establish minimum salary rates through collective bargaining. Rates are set for three levels of appointment, eligibility for which are based on academic criteria. UO GE Monthly salary and base rate information (by FTE) will be included with your official UO GE contract which will be processed through Duck Web. In the meantime, you may reference the GE salary chart, based on your GE level, on the Grad School Website. The rates shown are for 2017-18, and stipends are scheduled to increase by 3.5% for 2018-19, which is the last year of the current GTTF contract.

On top of the stipend the benefits include a health insurance that also covers spouse or dependents. The university also pays the bulk of academic fees as well as in-state or out-of-state tuition.

Architecture GE Information:

PhD Students

Newly admitted 2018 PhD students who are not self-funded and have guaranteed positions need to fill out the application for Fall Winter Spring GE positions.  UO Graduate Employee appointments will include teaching and research assignments at 0.49 FTE (full time equivalent) during the fall, winter and spring quarters starting in the fall of 2018 and ending in the spring of 2020. One additional quarter of GRF assignment at 0.49 FTE per academic year will start in the fall term of 2020 and end in the spring term of 2022. Each term you serve as a GE, your appointment covers your tuition (up to 16 credits), health care, and a monthly salary based on your classification. Find out more about what’s covered by your tuition and fees benefit on the Grad School Website.  The appointments are contingent upon residency requirements and successful progress and performance in the program.

GE contacts for newly admitted PhD students who are not self-funded and have guaranteed funding will be sent by the department to, on behalf of the student, for financial verification and I-20 purposes – usually in mid-May. The UO Admissions letter will be included with the visa I-20 materials.

Current PhD students who are not self-funded and have guaranteed positions need to fill out the application for Fall Winter Spring GE positions EACH YEAR. Current PhD studentswho are not self-funded and do not have guaranteed positions are eligible to apply and will be given full consideration.

PhD Program Handbook

GE Research (GRF) Positions

Research or administrative GEs are also available on an as needed basis. These positions are not typically part of the annual call for applications and are announced as they become available.

Newly admitted PhD students  who are not self-funded and have guaranteed funding should complete the GE application and preference the courses that they feel qualified to support. PhD students will be assigned a 1 term GE position with their primary advisor.

Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring GE New Appointment Instructions

If you have been offered a GE appointment, go to New Appointment Instructions for the following details:

  • Step-by-step Instructions (including timelines)
  • Summer GE New Appointment Instructions
  • Fall/Winter/Spring GE New Appointment Instructions
  • Hire Documents (Required documents for re and new hires)
  • New US Citizen/Resident Hires
  • New International Hires
  • Rehires
  • Fees and Insurance
  • International Students & Insurance (*Important*)
  • Contract Limitations
  • Tuition Remission
  • Training & Orientation (required GE Orientation is required at beginning of fall term)
  • Payroll and Payments (Direct deposit, social security number, time cards)
  • Non-Native English Speaker

Your offer decision and hire documents need to be submitted by the noted deadlines to the School of Architecture & Environment, 210 Lawrence or A delay in submitting documents to the Department by the deadlines may result in a delay in payment.

GE Resources

International GE Resources

The hire packet for new international employees cannot be completed until the employee is in Eugene due to documents they won’t receive until after they arrive. Therefore, new UO International GEs need to arrive in the U.S. prior to the UO payroll deadline (first week in September) in order to have time to get their GE payroll record established with university departments.

Students offered a GE position will need to provide a social security number in order to set up their UO Payroll account. Students who do not have a social security number will need to follow additional steps outlined in the hire documents, upon accepting an appointment offer, in order to obtain a social security number/card. Applications for a SS card need to be submitted within 30 days of employment.  New International GEs who arrive too late to establish their payroll record will have a delay in payment.

Past Architecture GTF Positions


Please send GE-related questions to