Technical Teaching Certificate

ARCH 661: A course for everyone



The Technical Teaching Certificate in Architecture is a program that focuses on teaching that seamlessly combines design and technical subjects in architecture:  environmental building systems, construction methods and materials, enclosure, and structural systems. The program is designed for graduate students interested in teaching during their architectural careers. The Certificate can be acquired as they pursue a Master of Architecture, Master of Science, or Master of Interior Architecture degree programs. Recognizing the need for training to produce qualified design teachers, the Technical Teaching Certificate program was started in 1997 by Emeritus Professors John Reynolds and Edward Allen and is supported by the Ed Allen Technical Teaching endowment.

This course provides a forum for those interested in preparing for teaching in practice or academia; gaining preparation as potential Graduate Employees, pursuing the Technical Teaching Certificate; or simply being part of pedagogical endeavors.  We will discuss issues related to teaching technical subjects in concert with the design process and vice versa. Students will develop brief presentations for the class that will be peer-critiqued; conduct a teaching evaluation in a large technical course, and discuss feedback and critique in studio.  It is the only formalized course for technical teaching credits (all others are individualized study). Those taking the course for 2 credits will develop teaching material.

The course objectives are:

  • familiarize those interested in technical subjects
  • develop innovative hands-on, experiential exercises for technical subject areas and design studio
  • provide a forum for discussion about teaching technical subjects and general handling of teaching issues related teaching and learning

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