About Us


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Asian, Desi, Pacific Islander Strategies Interest Group (ADPI SIG) is to provide a supportive space for University of Oregon (UO) and community members to discuss and act upon issues related to the diaspora of the Asian, Desi, and Pacific Islander (ADPI) communities on campus.

Who We Are:

ADPI SIG is made up of members from UO faculty, staff, and students who self-identify as ADPI. Allies and community members are welcome to join our meetings as well.


A community that advocates and recognizes the knowledge, resilience, and contributions of its Asian, Desi, & Pacific Islander students, faculty, and staff.

Strategic Values:

  • Build a network of support for ADPI and ADPI affiliated students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members
  • Identify and raise awareness of issues within the diaspora of Asian and Pacific Islander communities.
  • Showcase the work and accomplishments of SIG members and affiliates.
  • Educate and advise the larger UO campus and allies interested in ADPI issues to enact change.
  • Advocate for and strategize ways to foster a diverse and inclusive educational campus environment inclusive of ADPI community needs.