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By the PeaceHealth Rides Team

Before we all virtually jet off into the summer, keep in mind that Allen Hall Public Relations will be gearing up for hiring in the fall! Summer is the perfect time to prepare or even get some experience that may help you through the application process. We’ve put together some helpful tips for those of you thinking about applying for Account Executive positions next school year: 

Show them who you are, don’t be afraid to be yourself –  When doing an interview, it is always important that you remain professional. However, don’t be afraid to show your personality and be yourself! If we can see you can help maintain our collaborative, supportive, and uplifting firm culture, you will definitely stand out during interviews.

Know the clients before going into the interview- You should always know the current clients of the firm before going into an interview (hint: AHPR interviewers will most likely ask you about their client list). We recommend knowing all of them and picking your top three favorites to discuss during the interview. You can find our client list here.

Come polished- Coming to your interview looking polished and professional can say a lot about your work ethic and how much you care about getting the position. No need to come with the most expensive suit and tie or to throw on a lot of makeup you don’t normally wear. Come in a professional look that you feel comfortable and confident in and that confidence will radiate into your communication during your interview. We always dress business casual during meetings so we suggest that males come in a dress shirt and slacks and females come in a dress blouse or sweater with either slacks, a skirt or a dress.

Have details from your resume and cover letter memorized- Most AHPR interview questions come from looking at the applicant’s resume and cover letter. It is never a good sign if you can’t thoroughly discuss any detail or experience on these two documents. Being able to verbally communicate about your experience is a necessity but at the same time, you also don’t want to have each word memorized verbatim. This is the chance where you can show the passion for what you do in a way you can’t on paper.

Make connections with people already in the firm-The AHPR network goes back 20 years and is filled with communication pros. Connect with past and present AHPR members and set up virtual, informational interviews with them. Ask them about their experiences within the firm and any advice they may have about applying. You never know who could possibly throw in a recommendation during the application season!

Read past, firm blog posts and social media posts- The AHPR firm publishes blog posts produced by teams each term. The blogs consist of firm updates, PR tips and tricks and even trends happening with their clients. Take a look at what the teams have been up to in the past and familiarize yourself with their work. Not only is this a great conversation point for your interview but it shows you have researched the firm and are up to date on all things AHPR!

You don’t always need to have a ton of experience- It’s not necessary for you to have a lot of PR work under your belt when applying. If you don’t, emphasize the skills you’ve gained through other past experiences and highlight how you can translate that to PR work. The executive team isn’t always looking for members who have a vast knowledge of PR but look for people with drive, passion and a strong work ethic.

Don’t let the interviewers ask you all the questions, come with some of your own- An AHPR interview is a great way for the firm executives to get to know you, but it’s also a great way for you to get to know the agency. Make sure to come prepared with questions of your own about things like team dynamics, meeting structure or anything else you may be curious about. Not only does this allow you to get your questions answered, but it also shows your interviewers that you are curious and interested in the position.

Come prepared with possible new ideas for the firm- AHPR is always looking for new ways to improve and grow as a firm. Research how the firm currently communicates, past work from team members and consider possible ways you would have approached the situation. Bringing up fresh PR ideas proves you are committed to producing on-trend and effective work.

Be positive and enthusiastic throughout the whole interview- AHPR is looking for motivated individuals who are excited and passionate about communications. If you are expressing a lot of interest in the work and the clients, you will look to be a good fit for the agency.

We hope these tips help! Our new executive team is looking forward to meeting each and every one of you interested in applying for an Account Executive position in the fall. Stay tuned on our social media and be on the lookout for an email in your Webmail inbox that will announce when we will start the hiring process. Have a safe summer Ducks!