By the Creative Canine Solutions team

As we wrap up the year with Allen Hall Public Relations, it’s a good time to reflect on the lessons our members have learned from this year in the firm.

No.1 Professionalism- For most students, AHPR is their first experience working with real clients outside of classwork. This is their chance to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom and take them into the real world. Every member of AHPR learns how to communicate and hold themselves to a professional standard. We hold weekly meetings where we dress professionally and hear from PR professionals. These meetings help us to not only understand the profession better but also give us the opportunity to practice meeting with professionals. 

No. 2 Client relationships- Through AHPR, I was able to see firsthand and learn how it really is working with a company and client. There can be a variety of difficulties from communication to strategic planning agreement. AHPR has taught me how to effectively deal with some of the difficulties and work through problems by observing the Account Supervisor. 

No. 3 Importance of Creative Thinking- Sometimes, it can feel like PR is a less creative field than advertising or another journalistic field, but AHPR showed me that PR is more than just writing and coming up with a strategy. It is crucial to think of all the aspects of your work, the details of it, and get creative with how people will react and relate to them. 

No. 4 Collaborating with a Team- Working on AHPR, you get to collaborate with your team and account supervisor. Being a part of this team taught me how to take direction as well as how to brainstorm and create with others successfully to make quality PR work for your client. 

No. 5 Effective Communication- Working in a team brings in diverse perspectives, opinions, and ways of thinking that all help to contribute to effective public relations work. It all starts with mutual respect between all team members that trust and listen to each other. AHPR does an outstanding job assembling teams under the leadership of well-prepared and awesome account directors for a very rewarding experience for both the client and the AHPR team.  

No. 6 Flexibility- When our spring term moved online, our client team did not stop producing quality PR work. We learned how to collaborate and work together even if we were thousands of miles apart from each other. Having an open mind and a team-oriented mindset helped us meet our client’s needs during an unprecedented time.

No. 7 Public Relations Skill Sets- PR is an extensive discipline, and professionals need a wide arsenal of skills to be a marketable PR professional. AHPR gave us an opportunity to learn and practice a variety of different skills for our clients, including social media strategy, event planning, media relations, and more. These skills are extremely valuable and show potential employers our wide range of skill sets and also our willingness to learn new things quickly. 

No. 8 Networking- At AHPR, we have the opportunity to work with a real-world client. This opens up a whole new door or opportunity in terms of connections. You are not only networking with your client, but they are now a new contact for your future connections down the road. 

No. 9 Building relationships- Not only do you build relationships with real-world clients at AHPR, but you also build copious amounts of relationships with other students and faculty members in the SOJC. There are 50+ members in AHPR and we meet every single week as one firm to discuss new updates internally, take workshops, and listen to guest speakers. AHPR gives you the opportunity to grow in relationships with people you may have never met otherwise. By being a part of AHPR, you have these lasting connections that will stick with you through and beyond your professional career.

No.10 Meeting Deadlines- Being a part of AHPR is making a commitment to your team and to your client. Throughout the entire school year, your supervisor will give you weekly tasks and deadlines depending on the client’s needs. It is imperative to meet those deadlines because it would not only reflect poorly on you but on the firm as a whole. Being in AHPR has given me an extra responsibility that I take very seriously and has made me more conscious of where I prioritize my time. 

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