By Bailey Kummerman of Keap Athletics

Given the world’s circumstances, for most companies, the workplace atmosphere has switched from in-person meetings to online conferences. This means muted microphones, online presentations, shared screens, and a lack of questions from Zoom viewers. Because of this feeling of disconnectedness, many people are finding it difficult to stay focused, organized, and motivated. 

This is true for us at Allen Hall Public Relations (AHPR). We have had to switch our in-person meetings to a virtual, Zoom call. Our meetings have also decreased from 10 meetings this term to four in order to accommodate people’s new schedules. No matter how engaging of a meeting it is,  it’s hard to feel involved or focused when everything is virtual.

Tracy Brower wrote an article in Forbes on how to focus on work when all you can think about it COVID-19. She gives some great advice that can benefit college students and people in the workforce. She touches on the benefits of work, setting boundaries for yourself, and more. 

Members of AHPR can benefit from reading this article as we have also experienced these sudden and drastic changes. For AHPR students, COVID-19 has affected social interactions for the firm, communication with clients, and most importantly, their mental health, as students rely on in-person connections to fuel their motivations. 

AHPR has done an amazing job at keeping the communication within the firm, but like any company, AHPR thrives off of personal interactions and feedback during in-person meetings. As this pandemic continues to persist, AHPR is staying positive and is looking into what the future holds for PR as an industry. Students are starting to realize that although this pandemic has made it hard to stay focused, public relations is a field that can stay afloat and even gain more momentum in a time that other fields may not. 

Everyone needs public relations, especially now and as things begin to open up in various states. Learning how to promote and voice your brand has never been more important. Therefore, it is vital that we stay engaged right now, as hard as it may be. Reading advice like Brower’s can help us to center ourselves and realize what we can control at this moment. It’s beneficial, and it’s a much-needed break from COVID-19.

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